Join my PR Mini List.

Join my PR Mini List

Are you an up and coming influencer? Passionate about all things beauty? Join my PR mini list. The PR Mini list is just for those who are just starting their channels/ IG influencer accounts.I am looking for 3 to 5 people to join this list.



⇒ Must be following @MysticWinterCo (IG & FB)

⇒ Must be able to provide good quality photos

⇒ At least 300 followers

⇒ Must be active on social media. More than one account is preferred but not required!

⇒ You will be required to do a full review of your package, as well as taking photos of you using said products.


What you would receive:

∴ 3 Month term. Longer terms may be discussed with owner at a later date.

∴ Free  Sample size products, You will receive  1 "PR" package a month during your term! YOU WILL BE REQUIRED TO PAY SHIPPING.  More details will be sent in acceptance email. * Please note that shipping for international can be expensive! I try my best to keep it low cost, but I also have to insure your products make it to you safely.

∴ Exposure on my company social media accounts.

∴ You will also get a discount code to share with your following ( will only be active during your term)

∴ You will have the option to host 1 giveaway during your term. You will be responsible to choose the items as well as the shipping cost. 

∴ Possibility to be asked to join the regular PR list or become a Mystic Maiden

"PR" packages will consist of a full collection. You will have the option of which you would want each month. The only time you wont is if I am releasing something new, then you will receive that package! If it is a new collection all packages will go out 1 week ( this is subject to change at any time) before it's release.


Fill out the form below to apply⇓