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Become a Mystic Maiden!

It is that time! I am officially looking for some passionate individuals to become part of the Mystic Winter Co family, and become a Mystic Maiden [Pro-ffiliate].

If selected you will receive: 

• Title of Mystic Maiden 
• Discounted/Free Product
• Discount code for your following to use
• Featured all social media platforms and possibly the website.
• & more!

What I am looking for:

•Individuals who are active on their social media account(s).The variety of platforms, the better!
• Individuals that will share & create content of my products & brand
• Individuals who engage with their following and have an active following.
• Individuals who will give me honest feedback to help my company grow
• Individuals who are passionate about what they do and my company/products

Requirements if chosen

• 1 post a week minimum
• HQ photos of products, products in use
• Re-post important company posts
• You will be required to make 1 purchase a month (yes it can be 1 item). Item(s) will be heavily discounted to you (you will have your own special code for this). 
*If you do not purchase the following month your  code will be suspended. You will also not be able to reapply for 6 months. ( Unless there is a reason that you have made me aware of.)